Getting Technical

From a technical perspective, when it comes down to fine linen, the most important thing is the thread count (TC). We tailor in a wide range of fabrics from the more economic qualities of 132/144TC right up to the five star 300 TC and can even go as high as 800TC. For warm African climates, we find that a superior 200 or 300 thread count is more than sufficient and allows the body to breathe comfortably in the hot summer months, yet keeps you snug come winter.

Thread count literally refers to the number of individual threads woven to make the fabric, per square inch. The higher the thread count, the finer the yarn and the more densely woven the fabric is.

The warp and the weft refer to the vertical and horizontal yarns woven. So, for example, a more durable 200 thread count would come in at 110 x 90 weave, being 110 warp threads and 90 weft threads per square inch. The Rolls Royce of fabrics is Egyptian Cotton, 300 TC (or above). The name speaks for itself and it is world renowned for its exceptional “handle” or feel to the touch. All our products are made to European Hotel Quality Standards.

Our fabrics above 200 TC are Percales that come in a durable 110 x 90 weft to warp ratio. Other weave ratios, for 200TC for example are 120 x 80 and 130 x 70, but while these may feel more luxurious, they will have a far more limited life span due to a less tight weave. All Percale fabric uses finer yarn than normal fabrics and only looms of a superior standard can accommodate such yarns. We offer a 100% Cotton Percale and a Poly Cotton Percale, being a mixture of cotton and polyester, close to a 52/48 split. Percales are done in a 1 up 1 down weave structure. For ultra-luxurious fabric, we can recommend a sateen weave, which has a 3 up 1 down weave structure. This is the crème de la crème of fabrics but is more suitable for domestic or high-end use. Colours in our percale range of linen are white, cream and our beautiful and unique cobblestone.

All our percales are of the finest quality and undergo mercerisation, calendaring and sanforising ensuring the fabric has that beautiful crisp handle, wonderful luster, superior strength and, most importantly, is pre-shrunk, ensuring a 2-4% shrinkage post laundering. Our cotton is combed and woven with air jet looms, removing any impurities still in the yarn. Beware of fabrics that don’t meet these standards.

For hospital and military sheeting, we use only the highest standard SABS approved P48 fabric. This 100% Cotton lighter weight fabric, with a thread count of around 120, goes through many processes to ensure what gets rolled meets the requirements in terms of being colour fast, stable with minimal shrinkage. Standard colours in the fabric are Jade Green, Maz Blue and White, however, the raw fabrics can be dyed to a customers specifications if required.

Towels are measured, from a quality perspective, in terms of grams per square meter (gsm). GSM’s begin at 380 and go right up to 660 and 800 gsm bath mats. We offer the Nortex selection of superior towels comprising of the Indulgence (630gsm), Urban Stitch (450gsm) and White Diamond (380gsm) Woven range, as well the White Diamond Snag Free (440 & 550gsm) range. Nortex has also brought out a beautiful Snag Free Pool towel (440 gsm). From Glodina, we supply the Marathon Snag Proof (440/485 & 550/600 gsm) range. Bath Mats on offer range from a lighter 640gsm to a heavier 800gsm option. Whatever your preferred choice is, Cavelli Linen can supply it.