Looking for a specific product? Feel free to browse through our large and exclusive range of linens and similar products – if you need it we can provide it and with a level of service that will leave you feeling refreshed.

For sheeting, duvet and pillow covers, you can have the finishing either plain, or go for our “signature” Oxford and Satin Stitch finishing, one or two rows, the choice is up to you. Cavelli Linen supplies a full range of premium bath and pool linen in both woven and snag free options.

Our core fabrics are the 200 and 300 thread count 100% cotton and poly-cotton percales. These are not the only fabrics we tailor…. delve further and you will discover we offer a range of fabrics from the less expensive 144 thread count sheeting, to the very popular Dobby Stripe, as well as the very exclusive sateen finished 300 thread count. Of course, 400, 600 and 800 thread counts and Egyptian cotton linen can all be tailored to order.

Of course, we don’t stop there… suede, waffle weave, towelling, water-safe fabrics (including quilted), poly-cotton and cotton twill, seed cloth, PVC, mini matte, embossed fabrics and curtaining are some of the additional wide range of fabric choices Cavelli Linen offers its customers.

As far as colours go, time has shown that white, cream and our very own cobblestone colours have stood out amongst all and as such, these form the basis of our colour range. In the 144 thread counts, dyed fabrics can be sought to give you the exact colour you want.


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