Other Items

Pool & Beach Towels
The Cavelli pool / beach towel is manufactured specifically for use by the pool or beach, with vibrant colours and exclusive designs, this thirsty towel with its plush feel will dry your drips after your daily dip

Robes & Gowns
Enjoy some daily bath time luxury with a plush bath robe. Browse our range of famous bathrobes including luxurious winter weight cottons or light weight waffle and kimono styles. And don’t forget to combine with cosy slippers for the ultimate in bathroom comfort

Bed Base Covers
For an effortless and contemporary finish, a base wraps is the perfect compliment to your bed linen. Made from a durable suede fabric in various colours, use it to decorate your base without having to remove your mattress or linen. Adds to the longevity and hygiene of your mattress. Available in all mattress base sizes.

Food & Beverage, Restaurant, Conference & Banquet Linen
Our new range of food & beverage restaurant, conference & table linen is made from the finest polyester & cotton blend fabrication. Our fabric is durable and has been extensively tested and proven to maintain quality and shape after extensive laundry services. Our high quality manufacturing is guaranteed